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Developmental Education

The Psychology Department is a member of the college’s Academic Foundations Program. In addition to being part of the leadership and development team, we offer the class PY 100: Strategies for College and Life Success. This course is designed specifically for academically underprepared students. Taught from an applied psychology perspective, the purpose of this class is to help students reflect and consider how their life journeys and the choices they have made so far in their lives have brought them to this place and what they can and will do to be successful with the challenges of a college student. Being taught in the Psychology Department, the class is framed by the science of psychology, social work, and counseling. However, the emphasis of the class is on how the practical aspects of these disciplines can prepare students to attain their goals and contribute to the community. This class is intended to complement and provide support to other content specific (English, reading, mathematics, etc.) developmental education classes a student would be taking congruently with PY 100.