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Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator

Obtain Your Cumulative GPA

  1. View a copy of your unofficial transcript in the Online Center.
  2. Calculate the total number of credits you have earned at GRCC for which you have earned a letter grade. (Do not count the classes with grades of I, W, or DR)
  3. Enter the total number of credits in the Prior Credits box below. Include the number of attempted credits for classes in which E grades were earned.
  4. Find the cumulative GPA listed on the last line of your unofficial transcript.
  5. Enter the cumulative GPA in the Prior GPA box below.

Predict Your GPA for the Current Semester

For each course taken, enter the number of credits and select a letter grade; it will automatically compute the GPA. Do not include courses transferred in. The course name/number is optional (e.g., Course Name: PY 201 Credits: 3, Grade: A). If you are repeating any courses, select your current grade in the Grade column and the previous grade in the PGCR column.