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Dual Enrollment FAQs

If I want to participate in the Dual Enrollment program for more than one semester, do I have to reapply every semester?

No. Once you have been admitted into the Dual Enrollment/Early College Program, you can participate every semester until your high school graduation.

Can I apply online?

No. Dual Enrollment/Early college applications and transcripts should be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to:

Academic Outreach Office
Sneden Hall, 101C

Applications can be mailed to:
GRCC - Academic Outreach
143 Bostwick Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Or Faxed to:
(616) 234-2250

Which tests or assessments are approved by the state of Michigan and what are the minimum qualifying scores?

The following tests are approved by the State of Michigan to qualify dual enrollment students: PSAT, PLAN, ACT, MME, EXPLORE, SAT and COMPASS.

The minimum qualifying scores are guidelines:


  • Reading: 1108
  • Writing: 1100
  • Mathematics: 1116
  • Science: 1126
  • Social Studies: 1129


  • Critical Thinking (Reading Content): 42
  • Writing Skills (Writing Content): 41
  • Mathematics: 44


  • Mathematics: 19
  • Reading: 15
  • Science: 20
  • English: 15


  • Reading: 15
  • Mathematics: 17
  • Science: 20
  • English: 13


  • Mathematics: 22
  • Reading: 21
  • Science: 24
  • English: 18


  • Critical Reading: 500
  • Writing: 500
  • Mathematics: 500


  • Reading: 88
  • English: 77
  • Mathematics: 52

How is tuition paid?

Most public schools pay for their students to attend GRCC through the Dual Enrollment Program. However, any tuition and fees not covered by the high school are the responsibility of the student/family. 

For non-public school students, the State of Michigan determines what dollar amount it will pay per course.  Any tuition and fees not covered by the State of Michigan are the responsibility of the student/family.  Homeschool students are expected to pay their own tuition and fees.

Tuition rates (in district and out of district) are based on the permanent residence of the student. 

If tuition is not paid by the tuition due date, the student will be dropped from their classes, making those classes available to other students.

How many classes can I take?

Please consult with your high school counselor to determine the amount of approved classes. 

How will I know what classes to take?

It is your high school counselor's responsibility to discuss course options with you.  If you are a homeschool student, your parent/guardian will act as the high school counselor. If you would like to meet with a college advisor please contact the Academic Outreach Office at (616) 234-3007.

Students are encouraged to enroll in classes without prerequisites.  If you believe you have met a course prerequisite, you must go through the process of requesting a  Prerequisite Waiver by submitting an online form.  

Can I take online courses?

Dual Enrollment students are not restricted from taking online courses. Students are still limited to two courses per semester. Students that wish to take an online course will be required to complete the Distance Learning Orientation before they can enroll in a class. This orientation is found in the students' GRCC Blackboard account.

What steps do I take to attend GRCC after high school graduation?

You must complete a degree-seeking application - an application fee is not required. The application is available online, at your high school or at the  Enrollment Center.

Can I take any class offered?

No. Dual Enrollment/Early College students are restricted from taking some classes.

If you have any further questions or would like additional assistance, please contact the Academic Outreach Office at (616) 234-3007 or email