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2024-25 Faculty Special Assignments

Faculty special assignments are at the discretion of the Provost.

The special assignments available to faculty for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year can be found in the spreadsheet linked below.  The spreadsheet is organized according to the School/Unit requesting special assignments.  All assignments will be offered on an annual basis.  Assignments with a renewable/multiple year option are indicated in the term columns of the spreadsheet.  Annual appointments with a renewable/multiple year option will be considered upon completion of the assignment as outlined in the offer, submission of the required reports, faculty interest, and at the Provost’s discretion.  Please note the following about contact hours equivalent pay for EOL: one hour of EOL is defined as 2 hours per week of assignment work.

Spreadsheet: 2024-25 Special Assignment Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet tab and contact for requesting Dean/Unit lead:

  • SLA: School of Liberal Arts, Jason Vinson
  • SBI: School of Business & Industry, Cleamon Moorer
  • SHS: School of Health Sciences, Lisa Radak
  • SSTEM: School of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics, Kristi Haik
  • SS: Student Success, Eric Mullen
  • AP/ISIP: Interim Associate Provost of Instructional Support & Institutional Planning, Ann Isackson (Academic Pathways, Accreditation, Experiential Learning, Learning Outcomes Assessment, Open Educational Resources, and Teaching, Learning, & Distance Education)
  • Provost: Provost’s Office, Sheila Jones

Faculty members interested in being considered for a special assignment should complete this Google Form by Wednesday, February 14 at 5 p.m.  If you have questions, please include them in your form submission.  

If a faculty member wishes to have an assignment they receive as release time instead of EOL, it will be addressed in the initial request to the Provost from the ASA Dean/Unit Lead. The Provost and requesting Dean/Unit Lead will review interest responses and finalize the special assignment offer. Provost’s Office will send offer letters to faculty members, copying the requesting Dean/Unit Lead, Associate Provost or Dean (if they are not the requestor), Associate Dean, Department Head or Program Director, and Department/School APSS.  The letter will include all special assignment expected contributions and reporting requirements, including the end-of-the-term report template (see below).

All faculty members who accept special assignment offers from the Provost will complete an end-of-the-term report, as outlined in the Provost’s offer letter.  Please see the template in the link below.

Report Template:  Faculty Special Assignment End-of-the-Term Report