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The Emeritus Faculty Award award was established in 1985 to honor those instructors/administrators whose dedication and creativity have left an indelible mark on the lives of students and colleagues at GRCC. During their tenure at GRCC and since their retirement, they have continued to promote GRCC’s “Commitment to Excellence” as illustrated by the GRCC values described in the narrative forms.

Emeritus Faculty Award Nomination Form

2024 Faculty Emeritus Winner

Dr. Robert Long

During his tenure at GRCC, Dr. Robert Long overflowed with academic passion for Biological Sciences, and dedication to his students and peers. He embodied the spirit of community college, saying, “We are not a university nor [do we] strive to be one. We begin from a very different place and work to get our students to their highest potential, even when the students themselves may not fully appreciate where that may take them.

This perspective permeated all of his interactions. With his encouragement, students found and walked through previously unknown doors of opportunity. He consistently invested his personal time uplifting and supporting students, a priceless gift to those who had never before received such affirmation. He selflessly poured time and effort into his fellow faculty members, creating opportunities for all to grow in their careers while advancing the mission of GRCC. Dr. Long is a true leader who knows when to step up and when to step aside.

Dr. Long established numerous initiatives to support student success, including the Gayle E. Long Scholarship Fund for single mothers; the Science Education Center for K-12 teachers; and Project Wild, which brings pre-K through 12 kids into contact with nature and ecology. Dr. Long worked tirelessly during his career to build a community with multi-generational impact.

Past Emeritus Faculty Award Winners