Wellness Course Offerings

WE 102 - Volleyball

An introductory volleyball class that includes instruction and development of the basic skills and fundamentals of the game. Rules and strategies of the sport will also be covered. Students will be exposed to game play and team concepts. Students will also learn about the dimensions of wellness and healthy lifestyle concepts to apply to their life.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 104 - Touch Football

This course covers the fundamentals of non-contact recreational football as well as strategies necessary for team play. Students will be exposed to game play, team concepts, and will also learn wellness concepts to build a healthier lifestyle.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 105 - Basketball

Beginning and intermediate techniques and skill development in a recreational setting are taught in this class. Students will be exposed to game play, team concepts, and will also learn wellness concepts to build a healthier lifestyle.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 110 - Urban Eco Trek

Get out and explore Grand Rapids while working out at the same time. This outdoor recreation class will challenge students to think "outside the gym." Bring a sense of adventure, and enjoy all this great city has to offer while getting fit.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 120 - Spinning

Take your fitness routine to the next level with Spinning. This indoor cycling class will take students on rides over rolling hills, up steep climbs, through relaxing recovery rides and even race day challenges. This class is designed for all fitness levels and abilities and allows every person to succeed at his/her fitness goals.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 124 - Circuit Training and Physical Fitness

This course helps students to enhance muscular endurance and definition while improving overall cardiovascular fitness. Class sessions involve exercising all major muscle groups in one continuous cycle, alternating between different muscle groups to allow for muscle recovery while challenging the cardiovascular system. The components of fitness are assessed at the beginning and end of the course.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 125 - Aerobic Conditioning

This course is designed for students beginning to engage in or build cardiovascular based fitness. Its purpose is to introduce practical cardiovascular based conditioning principles to improve cardiovascular capacity and endurance. Students also learn the concepts of injury prevention, exercise program development, training approaches, as well as overall health and wellness strategies to build a healthier lifestyle.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 126 - Walking for Fitness

The instruction in this course focuses on fitness walking and how it can improve one\'s aerobic fitness level and overall health. The importance of physical activity, nutrition, wellness dimensions, and health topics and learn how to adopt these behaviors as part of an active, healthy lifestyle are studied. Each day will include a lecture on a health/wellness topic and a class fitness walk. Transportation is required to local area trails off campus.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 127 - Yoga I

This yoga course introduces the fundamental postures and breathing techniques of yoga. The aim of this course is to learn sequences that will link all aspects of the mind and body to build strength, flexibility, and develop mental focus. The physical and philosophical teachings of yoga will be presented through demonstration and discussion. In addition, students will learn about healthy habits and the wellness dimensions.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 128 - Soccer

This course is designed to introduce students to fundamentals of the game of soccer through the development of basic soccer skills, and understanding of general rules and strategy related specifically to game play. There is an emphasis on skill development as a player as well as overall wellness.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 129 - Water Fitness

Water Fitness is designed to increase physical fitness through water exercises, which help students strengthen muscles, relax strained muscles, and improve muscle function. The benefits of water exercises and fitness skills, proper exercise alignment, and various creative exercise and fitness techniques are incorporated into this class. Health and wellness concepts are also discussed.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 130 - Tennis

This course is an overview of the fundamentals of tennis for the beginner and intermediate level student. Students are exposed to game play, team concepts, and also learn wellness concepts to build a healthier lifestyle.
Course Fee: $20 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 132 - Golf

This class is designed to educate students on the basic skills of golf. Topics include proper etiquette and skills used and needed for the game of golf. Students will practice at the driving range and on the golf course. Students will also learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Course Fee: $65 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 133 - Cycling

This course is designed to advance the knowledge and skill of students interested in the sport of cycling. The student will learn simple repairs, fundamental riding skills, physical conditioning and participation in and preparing for cycling trips.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 134 - Body Toning and Strengthening

Body toning, resistance and strengthening exercises to improve muscle tone, strength, endurance, and overall body conditioning is the focus of this class. Various types of resistance equipment together with body weight will be used. Nutrition, healthy habits, and the six dimensions of wellness will be covered to help guide students to better overall health.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 135 - Yoga II

This course deepens the practice of yoga and encourages a transformation through the journey to one\'s true self. The aim of this course is to offer the opportunity to take postures, breath techniques, and meditations to the next level to improve the mind and body, and to maintain balance and connection in our daily lives. The physical and philosophical teachings of yoga will be presented through demonstration, discussion and readings.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 137 - Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a class that is designed to strengthen and lengthen the whole body with particular focus on the core muscle group. This class will help students improve their abdominal strength, core stabilization, flexibility, and also improve their posture. Each Pilates exercise is designed to oxygenate, stretch,and strengthen and lengthen a particular muscle or group of muscles. Students will benefit with a stronger body, both inside and out, as they become more proficient with Mat Pilates.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 139 - Zumba

Zumba is a fun exercise class that incorporates dance moves to Latin, Hip Hop, and International music. Zumba integrates basic principles of aerobic , interval, and resistance training to maximize caloric output. Students will learn to combine fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body, which will achieve a balance of cardiovascular and muscular toning benefits.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 140 - Personal Defense

This course is intended to increase student\'s awareness and understanding of assaults and/or confrontations one may encounter. Focus will be placed on defense and avoidance against attacks that are most often directed toward women, and increasingly men. Such techniques include verbal, non-verbal, physical and psychological responses. The course will entail lecture, discussion, and practice of basic techniques of avoidance and physical confrontations.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 141 - Weight Training I

This course is focused on the basic principles of weight training to provide a foundation of total body strength and muscle fitness. This course is intended for individuals who are unfamiliar with resistance training, designing a program, or proper lifting technique. This course provides an introduction of the bio-mechanics involved, the components of fitness, muscles used for a given exercise, and exercise program development.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 144 - Beginning Swimming

Beginning Swimming is designed to teach students with little to no swimming experience basic swimming techniques and standard swimming strokes.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 145 - Intermediate Swimming

Fundamental to advanced training techniques in swimming are taught to promote swimming as a life-long way to remain fit and active. Students participate in a variety of training methods and performance tests to enhance their ability as a swimmer and improve their overall health.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 146 - Advanced Swimming and Lifeguarding

Participants learn advanced swimming techniques through intense training while earning certification as an American Red Cross Lifeguard. In order to enroll in this course, students must be 15 years of age by the last day of the course; Swim 300 yards continuously using the following strokes: 100 yards of the front crawl using rhythmic breathing and a stabilizing propellant kick, 100 yards of the breaststroke, 100 yards of the front crawl and/or the breaststroke, swim 20 yards, surface dive to a depth of 12 feet, retrieve a 10 pound object, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point in under 1 minute 40 seconds; and tread water for two minutes only using their legs.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 155 - Weight Training II

This course is focused on building upon the principles of body mechanics, muscular fitness, and exercise program design. This course is intended for students who have a basic knowledge of resistance training and proper lifting techniques. Students will create and apply their own exercise programs through the duration of the course.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 156 - CPR/AED/First Aid for Professional Rescuer

The CPR/AED/First Aid for Professional Rescuer course meets the requirements of the American Red Cross and is designed to facilitate learning and understanding of the knowledge and actions necessary when confronted by possible medical emergencies including breathing and cardiac emergencies as well as various first aid emergencies. Both skill and written exams are administered. Two possible American Red Cross Certifications are available upon successful completion of the requirements for this course: (1) First Aid Responding to Emergencies and (2) CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer. This course was formerly offered as WE156 - First Aid.
Course Fee: $53 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 157 - Elementary Games & Rhythms

An activity course designed to present a systematic method of teaching physical education in elementary school settings. This course gives students classroom management techniques, teaching methodology, evaluation strategies, wellness concepts and safety guidelines related to elementary physical education.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 165 - Dynamics of Fitness

This course acquaints students with fitness methods and techniques to develop lifelong wellness. Topics include aerobic fitness, nutrition, flexibility, body toning and strengthening, ideal weight, stress, and the six dimensions of wellness. This is a foundational course to learn the dynamics of fitness.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 189 - Healthy Living

This class is designed to teach students the concepts of how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Students learn about health topics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, social connections and healthy relationships, heart disease, stroke, mental health and stress, sleep, substance abuse and misuse, principles of physical fitness, dimensions of wellness, weight management and body image, diseases, nutrition, cancer, exploring and analyzing health, genetic, social, ecological and behavioral change models, and more. Healthy Living is designed to motivate students to take their health seriously. This course helps students understand why they should make healthy choices and how they can change unhealthy patterns.
Course Fee: None (Tuition Rates & Fees)


WE 192 - Camping and Canoeing

Basic elements of camping skills are taught and experienced in this class. Topics include: equipment selection and use; cooking over an open fire; water and camping safety; and canoeing, including canoe strokes. This class includes a canoe trip down a Michigan river with a two day, one night camping trip.
Course Fee: $40 (Tuition Rates & Fees)