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Employee Behavioral Intervention Team

The Employee Behavior Intervention Team is designed to provide preventative measures on campus to reduce the risk of employee incident. Members will intake and assess information and take action when necessary.

Complaint or concern

If you have a complaint/concern involving an employee, please contact any of the following Employee BIT members below:

Rebecca Whitman
GRCC Police Chief, Grand Rapids Community College GRCC Police Department
Office: GRCC Police Department, 25 Lyon St.
(616) 234-4010

Andre Fields Ph.D., LLP
(616) 234-4635

Jennifer Kelly
Labor Relations and Equal Opportunity Generalist
(616) 234-3134

Student concerns

In addition to the Employee BIT, GRCC has a Behavioral Intervention Team specifically focused on student concerns.

Employee Assistance Program

GRCC also provides employees an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) resource. The EAP is intended to help employees understand and receive help with personal problems that might adversely impact their health and well-being. Some examples of issues our EAP can be very beneficial for are: stress, marital problems, depression, anger management, anxiety and physical illness.