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Application for Leave of Absence

The Application for Leave of Absence is now an electronic form (available off campus through remote access). The purpose of the form is to collect information regarding your request that will assist your supervisor in the decision-making process. The form should be approved at least one week prior to your leave, although depending on the nature of your request, other areas of the college may need several weeks advance notice - especially if you are in need of support to secure travel arrangements.

LOAs Involving Student Travel

You are highly encouraged to learn more about the student travel procedures by visiting the College Sponsored Student Travel web page. Please understand that if your request involves students traveling off campus (class trip, field trip, athletic trip, etc.), you may be asked to supply additional details. For example, you may need to provide:

  • the course(s) and section number(s)
  • travel date(s)
  • trip location(s) and a description of the vetting process of the location(s)
  • number of students participating
  • any anticipated student and/or employee expenses
  • a description of how the trip will meet course outcomes

Ride Sharing

In keeping with GRCC's commitment to sustainable practices, please take advantage of sharing transportation to and from the conference or event if possible. As you make travel plans, please check options that may be available on the West Michigan Rideshare site.

Professional Development Reimbursement

Any reimbursement requests are processed through Financial Services, please visit the Finance and Administration webpage for Reimbursement forms and information.

Instructional documents

In preparation to complete the form, please ensure you have your employee ID, event details, anticipated costs and account number, as well as details of your auto insurance policy should you be driving off campus. Please be sure to specify the correct Supervisor, Department Head or Program Director in order to accurately route your request for approval.

Submitting a Leave of Absence (Employee)

Faculty and Adjuncts, please note: once you select your employee group you will be given a box to select your Department Head or Program Director. Once the form is submitted to that person, they will then forward your request on to the Associate Dean that provides approval for the leave. If you have questions about who you should be submitting your document to, please contact your department Support Professional or Human Resources for assistance.

Reviewing a Leave of Absence (Employee)

Retrieval of a Leave of Absence (Supervisor)

Approving Leave of Absences (Supervisor)


Please contact IT Customer Support via email at or call (616) 234-3688 with any questions about the Leave of Absence form or process, as well as any technical issues that you may encounter.