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Occupying full and part time positions at many different levels, contingent employees are brought in for non-standard employment arrangements. Contingent employees can be placed in any department across campus. Positions encompass long and short-term special projects; grant work, substitution for employees on leave, and increased needs cyclically due to the school schedule. Employees working specifically when classes are in session may also be contingency employees due to their non-standard employment schedule.

Effective January 1, 2014, we have clarified our contingency employee groups and have created multiple categories to meet many needs across the GRCC campus. The contingency employee group has been broken up into three categories. Below is a description of these three categories.

Contingency Employees

Positions that may be filling in for an FMLA leave, or working on a specific limited project within a department will fall into the Contingency group. Employees in this group may only work up to 12 weeks and up to 40 hours per week depending on the department’s needs. After the 12 week period has ended, the employee must have a break in employment of at least 26 weeks between assignments.

No benefit other than mandated payroll taxes and State retirement benefits will be provided.

Professional Service: No Benefit Employees

Positions that are scheduled to work less than 28 hours per week and more than 12 weeks will fall into the Professional Service: No Benefit group.

  • No benefit other than mandated payroll taxes and State retirement benefits will be provided.

Professional Services: Limited Benefits Employees

Positions with hours that fall between 30 and 32.5 per week, or positions that are between 13 and 48 weeks with hours up to 40 per week will fall into this category and be provided with:

  • Health care benefits, single subscriber only (employee will have the option to purchase dependent coverage at their cost), with the College covering costs up to the cap amount for single subscriber coverage.
  • Paid time off (PTO) of up to 84 hours per year. Leave days would be provided following a three month waiting period, and then at the beginning of each fiscal year, would not roll forward from year to year, and would not be paid put upon resignation.

All contingent positions are approved for limited times and can only be extended or renewed by a Human Resource representative working with the Budget Control Officer for the department in question.

Contingents are employed on an at-will basis and have the right to terminate their employment at any time, with or without notice, for any or no reason. Likewise, Grand Rapids Community College retains the same rights.

What We Offer

For starters, we offer competitive wages, parking, and access to our health club facilities. In addition, we offer a work environment full of talented employees who work to make GRCC a vibrant institution of higher education, dedicated to enriching people's lives and contributing to the vitality of the community.

How to Apply

Visit our Jobs website. Select “External Candidate” and view the Job Postings. You will find several different contingency opportunities. GRCC continually accepts applicants for a variety of positions, establishing a pool of candidates to review when vacancies become available.