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What is a Golden Raider?

A Golden Raider is a GRJC/GRCC retiree.

What is the Gold Team?

The Gold Team is an advisory group comprised of Golden Raiders. The Gold Team works with Human Resources representatives and other College personnel to plan and execute Golden Raider events and activities.

How do you qualify to be a Golden Raider?

You become a Golden Raider upon formally retiring from GRCC.

Are retired adjunct faculty considered Golden Raiders?

Adjunct faculty members who formally retire from GRCC are Golden Raiders.

How do I obtain a Golden Raider Retiree RaiderCard?

If you need a RaiderCard, bring a valid picture ID to Student Life, the Tassell M-TEC, or the Lakeshore Campus. Your first RaiderCard is free, replacement cards are $10 each. Please note, GRCC transitioned to a new RaiderCard in December 2018. RaiderCards printed before this date are no longer operational and must be replaced.

What perks do I have as a Golden Raider?

There are many perks to being a Golden Raider. Our Retiree Perks page lists each benefit. Please remember to show your Retiree RaiderCard to take full advantage of the opportunities.

I learned that a colleague passed away. How can I share this information with fellow Golden Raiders?

Please contact Angela Salinas at or (616) 234-2567, regarding information you would like shared with fellow Golden Raiders.

Who can help me when I have a question about the College?

Please call the GRCC Information Line at (616) 234-4000 for general college information.

How can I contact fellow GRCC retirees?

Each year, a directory of Golden Raider contact information is published. We are requesting all retirees who would like a copy of the directory to please request one from Angela Salinas at or (616) 234-2567.

As a Golden Raider, can I use the GRCC Fieldhouse?

Yes! One of the many Golden Raider perks is free access to the GRCC Fieldhouse and its facilities with your Retiree RaiderCard. For more information, please contact the Fieldhouse staff at (616) 234-3990.

If I want to take classes, what is available to me?

As a retiree, you can enroll in courses available to the general public. Depending on your pre-retirement GRCC employee group, you may be eligible for free or reduced tuition and fees. To learn more, please contact the Benefits Office at (616) 234-4052.

Do I have to pay to park on campus?

No! Use your Retiree RaiderCard to access free parking in GRCC student parking areas.

When and where is this year's Golden Raider Retiree Celebration?

Details for the 2021 celebration are to be announced.

How can I contribute to GRCC scholarships?

To contribute to GRCC scholarships, please contact the Foundation office at (616) 234-3939 or contribute online. Consider contribution to the Golden Raider Retiree Scholarship Fund which benefits relatives of GRCC retirees.

My question isn't included in this list. Who do I contact?

Please contact Angela Salinas at or (616) 234- 2567, with any questions related to the Golden Raiders.