Golden Raider

Golden Raider Retirees

Golden Raiders are employees who have formally retired from GRJC/GRCC.

Gold Team

The Gold Team, composed of 10 to 15 retirees, is the advisory group to the Golden Raiders. The team meets six times a year and oversees the production of the Golden Raider Newsletter, directory, and website. The team also plans and coordinates the annual retiree reception and other various activities.

Do you have questions about being a Golden Raider? Would you like to make a suggestion or request? If so, the Gold Team is available to address your concerns. Simply contact a member!

Alice Donahue:

Anita Cook:

Diane Sparks:

Ed Sosa:

Jan Benham:

Jane Beld-Smith:

Julie Johnson:

Karen Holt:

Liz Timmer, (Gold Team Chair)

Paul Chardoul:

Penni Weninger:

Sandy Andrews:

Angela Salinas: (Human Resources liaison)