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GRCC Leadership Institute in collaboration with Insight Action Learning Group is a program committed to strengthening new or emerging leaders from across campus.

A seven month long intensive cohort experience incorporating an integrated process of application learning and reflective action, multiple touch points, practical, applied and action based learning and results oriented focus. 

The experience also includes built in feedback loops, accountability checks and engagement & reinforcement from supervisors, as well as individualized coaching. Participants will create a personal development plan with their coach, contribute to and collaborate on an Action Learning Project, and learn from organizational leaders at GRCC. 

Upon completion of this outstanding program, GRCC leaders will take ownership of their career, develop strategic and future focused leadership strategies, develop increased learning agility, enhance self awareness and emotional intelligence, hone and sharpen communication and presentation skills, and deepen awareness and sensitivity to Diversity Equity and Inclusion issues. Authenticity and Human Centricity in leadership become a focal point in their careers. The Leadership Institute is designed for individuals who have the capacity and desire to make a positive influence on our campus. 

Participation Criteria

The GRCC Leadership Institute programs seek a diverse pool of candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Exemplifies GRCC's Values
  • Commitment to attending the program in its entirety
  • Continuing employment at GRCC for one year after completion of the Leadership Institute program

Participant Profile

  • A strong performer in current role/Proven track record of success
  • Cross functional expertise and experience ideal
  • High potential for leadership/early in leadership career
  • Transition to new role
  • Demonstrates learning agility and potential interest to take on new and different challenges
  • Demonstrates the organization’s values (ie: inclusiveness, respect, ETC )  and leadership competencies (ie: creativity, interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, etc)

Content Covered

  • NeuroLeadership, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety
  • Presentation Skills
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Strategic/Future Focused Leadership and Change Leadership
  • Authentic, Human Centric, Purpose Driven Leadership

Time Commitment

Leadership Institute is a seven month program including seven sessions, one session a month starting in January and ending in July. In addition to the seven sessions, participants will have individual assignments and assessments, monthly 1x1 coaching check ins, and a collaborative stretch project to complete.

For specific dates, please contact Laura Caulk or Angela Salinas.

Selection Process

Any interested employee may complete the Leadership Institute application. The application must have the immediate supervisor and the executive budget control officer’s signature of approval. The leadership screening committee conducts the selection process. Human Resources will notify each applicant selected (or not selected) to participate in the Leadership Institute.

Application Requirements

Deadline: Friday November 4, 2022 for the 2023 cohort

Leadership Institute Application

Please complete the application in its entirety. All application packets must be received by the posted deadline.

Please contact Laura Caulk or Angela Salinas in Human Resources for a copy of the interactive application.

Developing our GRCC Leaders and Ensuring our Future

Whether you are a new leader entering a new role or aspiring to become a leader one day, this Leadership Institute is designed for you. This Institute focuses on leadership development that addresses the unique challenges of a community of higher education. In this Institute you will learn how to develop your full potential, improve communication, and strengthen organizational culture through key leadership competencies. This Institute emphasizes the importance of preparation (acquiring expertise), navigating turbulent obstacles, as well as recognizing and utilizing skills and opportunities—all steps necessary for successful results.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership Institute, please contact Laura Caulk or Angela Salinas.