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LinkedIn Learning at GRCC


The world is moving and changing at a fast pace and professionals are expected to attain and grow skills in various areas. Remaining relevant and dynamic is imperative for success. The key to this success is focusing on professional development.

LinkedIn Learning is a world renowned, award winning e-learning resource to accomplish just that. 


“It is only when we step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves that we truly grow.”

GRCC values professional growth and development for all employees. Human Resources is providing this opportunity to all employees. LinkedIn Learning is an industry leader in online training, with a vast digital library of over 20,000 courses covering various topics, skills, and experiences including technical, business, software, DEI, and creative topics. 

Bringing this robust opportunity to our campus community is a strong commitment to provide learning opportunities for employees in support of their professional development. 


All employees can access LinkedIn Learning using a single sign on feature. 

  1. Log into the MyGRCC portal using your regular college credentials
  2. Click on the LinkedIn Learning tile, which automatically creates a LinkedIn Learning profile for you.
  3. Once signed in, you will be taken through online learning onboarding, which will include questions to prompt goals and skill interest to tailor LinkedIn Learning to you. You can choose to skip these steps and complete at a later time. This information can also be modified at any time. 
  4. You will have the option to connect your LinkedIn Profile (a LinkedIn Profile is not required to be able to access LinkedIn Learning). Linking your profile is not required to be able to access LinkedIn Learning, but it is recommended, so you can align the courses you complete with your LinkedIn Profile. You can link and unlink your accounts at any time through your LinkedIn Learning account settings.

Once in LinkedIn Learning, you can search “How to Use LinkedIn Learning” to learn how to best utilize this resource.

LinkedIn Learning is user friendly, easy to navigate and learner-centered. You may participate in an entire course, watch individual videos, some as short as five minutes, and engage in recommended training for your goals, pursue interests and hone your skills in a vast variety of subject areas.

How to use LinkedIn Learning

You can search “How to Use LinkedIn Learning” in the search bar to access a collection of training to help prepare you to maximize your LinkedIn Learning user experience. Through a variety of tutorial videos, participants learn how to navigate the platform.

Keep a look out for further email communications regarding learning pathways, recommended courses and suggested resources. 

Earning Professional Development credit

The time you spent completing courses or individual videos within the LinkedIn Learning platform can count towards your annual professional development requirement. In order to ensure that these hours are included in your year-end evaluation, you will need to manually log the time within your Training Summary, which is found in the Online Center. Instructions on how to complete this can be found on the Training Summary webpage.

Connecting LinkedIn Learning to your LinkedIn profile

By connecting your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile, you are able to:

  • Get personalized recommendations based on your profile. 
  • Explore internal jobs within your company. 
  • Share learning certificates to your profile. 

You can link your GRCC LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile in two ways: 

  1. Upon initial setup as listed above, you will have the option to link your accounts. You can choose to skip this step to decline linking your accounts if you wish. 
  2. When logged into LinkedIn Learning (use this option to connect or disconnect): 
    1. Click on your profile (identified as “Me”) on the top right corner. 
    2. Click settings.
    3. Scroll through the options to identify the section that asks if you want to connect (or disconnect if already connected and you wish to disconnect) your LinkedIn profile from your LinkedIn Learning account. 
    4. Follow the steps identified.

Note: You do not need a personal LinkedIn account to use the LinkedIn Learning benefit. 


If you require technical support for LinkedIn Learning or you’re experiencing technical issues with the platform, please submit a support request to LinkedIn Learning Support. They are available and happy to assist you.

For assistance with the My GRCC portal account, please reach out to IT support at

For help with general inquiries about professional development and the use of LinkedIn Learning for employees at GRCC please reach out to Angela Salinas in Human Resources.

What do you think?

As you engage with LinkedIn Learning, we are very interested in your experiences and feedback. To share your experience, please contact Angela Salinas.

Happy Learning!

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