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Learning Opportunities Registration

Learn and Connect

The professional development opportunities are designed to help you further develop your professional skills. There is more value to the learning experience when you can share your thoughts, questions, and feedback with your colleagues. We hope that through each session, you are able to build connections. We encourage each of you to invite a colleague to attend a session with you!

Professional Courtesy

  • Please register for sessions you are able to attend. Participation is important to the success of the sessions. No shows and last minute cancellations interfere with the facilitation.
  • If you are in need of special accommodations, please note them in the comment box you will see during the registration process.

How to register

  1. Log in to your Online Center.
  2. Choose Employee Self Service, then select Professional Development Tile. 
  3. You will now be in the Workshop Registration portion where you will see the table of upcoming sessions available. 
    • For a description or more details on a session name, please click the blue "i" dot next to the title.
  4. Select the session you wish to enroll in, click Register.
    • If you are a Faculty member and wish to enroll in a TLDE course, please switch the tab above the workshop table to select the Training Course Type of TLDE.

Reminder: Please pay close attention to the format of each session (in person,  virtual or hyflex). 

Job Specific Professional Development

If you are seeking job specific training to help you learn more about functions of your role GRCC, talk with your supervisor to learn more about how you may be able to access your department resources to attend conferences, participate in webinars and trainings, and more.

Employees are also encouraged to apply for SSPD and IIPD grants to support professional development and job skill growth.

Registration Cancellations or Issues?

If you are experiencing issues registering, or can no longer attend a session you’re registered for:

  • For HR Learning Opportunities, please contact Angela Salinas at or at x2567.
  • For TLDE Learning Opportunities, please contact Toy McNeal at, or x2278. 

Professional Development Hours

Meet and Confer and APSS employees may record up to 5 hours of professional development for wellness activities, volunteering or community board/involvement related to GRCC work.