Employee Reimbursement Request Forms and Instructions

All requests must be submitted electronically to Financial Services. Please complete the required form and obtain supervisor approval. Then, the employee is responsible for submitting requests electronically. See the Employee Reimbursement Procedures document for instructions.

Change to Procedures

All employee reimbursement requests submitted after January 5, 2015 will be paid on the employee's paycheck.  The funds pertaining to the employee reimbursement will be electronically deposited into the same bank account designated for your payroll direct deposit.  The details of this reimbursement will appear on your payroll remittance advice that can be accessed online.

  • The submission process will be the same for the employee.  The employee will continue to scan forms/supporting documents and send information to Financial Services according to current procedures.
  • Nontaxable employee reimbursements will have no effect on payroll taxes when paid on the employee's paycheck.
  • The employee will receive an email notification from ImageNow when the reimbursement has been approved.  Then, the reimbursement will be paid on the next available paycheck. 

If staff would like to view any reimbursements submitted after 1/5/15, you will be able to access them any time on campus via WebNow.  You must log into WebNow using your GRCC network username and password to view your reimbursements.

If requesting mileage for a conference or training, add it to the Employee Reimbursement Request form under Description with your other expenses.  Please use Mapquest to determine mileage from the main campus to your destination for conference reimbursement requests.  If requesting mileage only, use the employee mileage reimbursement request.


Effective January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017, mileage is $.535/mile

Effective January 1, 2018 mileage is $.545/mile