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Financial aid comes in the forms of gift and self-help aid:

  • Gift aid does not need to be repaid (grants and scholarships).*
  • Self-help aid needs to be repaid (loans), or is earned through employment (work-study programs).

These opportunities are provided through federal and state programs, scholarships, and veterans or military aid. We encourage you to explore these opportunities to find the program that meets your needs.

In some cases you may be required to repay gift aid. Visit our Dropping Classes page for more details.

Federal Aid Programs

These programs are made available through the federal government in the form of grants, work-study and loans. 

Financial Aid opportunities include:

  • Grants
  • Work-study
  • Student loans
  • Parent loans

Learn more about these programs and applying for Federal Student Aid.

State of Michigan Programs

These grant and scholarship programs are funded through the State of Michigan. All applicants are required to be U.S. citizens and residents of Michigan. If you are a dependent, your parent must also be a Michigan resident. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for any State Aid assistance.

MI Aid opportunities include:

  • Grants
  • Scholarships

Discover more about MI Student Aid.


We have more than 300 scholarship opportunities and $1,000,000 available through the GRCC Foundation. And we make it easy to apply — submit one simple application to see if you qualify.

In addition to our Foundation scholarships, we offer information on many more scholarship opportunities. We encourage you to complete the FAFSA, which is required for many scholarships, and talk to academic department representatives about program-specific scholarships.

Explore your scholarship opportunities.

Veterans and Military Aid

We are proud to support veterans and military students in receiving an affordable education with the help of the College Financing Plan, intended to provide you with a clear explanation of approximate costs and available financial aid.

We also offer many scholarship and benefits resources for active duty military, veterans, and/or their families.