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Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

Why isn’t my loan showing on my ebill?

Some items to check:

  • Please make sure that you have completed your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and your Loan Entrance Counseling. These can be completed here:
  • Please make sure that you are enrolled in at least 6 credits. 
  • Please make sure that you accepted the loan on your Online Center. You can do this by logging into your MyGRCC portal > clicking on the Financial Aid tab > click on “Accept/Decline” > accept the loan (click on the pencil icon to edit a decision) > click submit.
  • Did you recently accept your loan? It can take a few days to authorize and be applied to your bill. 

What happens to any extra financial aid funds?

Ten days prior to semester start, students with an excess financial aid balance of $75 or more and a completed bookstore authorization on file will have $75 automatically transferred to their RaiderCard for parking, printing, food, and other campus needs. 

Students with additional excess funds will be able to charge a maximum of $825 in books and required supplies in the bookstore against their financial aid. Should students wish to, they can also use their RaiderCard transfer to cover book and supply costs in the GRCC Bookstore.

For more information, please visit

Are my funds ready at the bookstore?

  • To use financial aid funds at the bookstore, you have to have excess funds that would show as a negative balance in your ebill. This can be checked in your Online Center in the MyBill tile. 
  • Please make sure to complete your Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities. This can be found in your Online Center in your task list. It is a list of statements that you have to agree to and submit. 
  • Please make sure your bookstore funds release form is complete. This can be done by logging into your Online Center > clicking on the Financial Aid tab > click on Bookstore Release Funds on the left side of the screen > go through the steps > submit. Once this is completed, it will not have to be done again. You can always log back in to see if you completed it. 

After you complete these items, it will take a day to process before your funds will be readily available at the bookstore.

I have Promise Zone. Can I use my funds at the bookstore?

Students with Promise Zone will also have access to a certain amount of bookstore funds. To verify this information, please call our Promise Zone Office at (616) 234-4321. Any other questions regarding Promise Zone can be also be answered at this number.

How does Bank Mobile work?

  • Any remaining amount left over after using it at the bookstore would then be released to the student about 30 days into the semester. Refunds are processed through Bank Mobile. New students will receive a packet in the mail from Bank Mobile, which contains a personal code. The code is used to create your online account with Bank Mobile. From your online account, you select if you want your refund sent directly to your own bank account or put onto a Bank Mobile debit card.
  • Any questions regarding Bank Mobile can be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at (616) 234-4020 or you can find additional information here:

Can I increase my loan?

You can find our Loan Increase form : along with other forms.

Can I reinstate my loan after declining it?

Yes. You can find our Loan Adjustment form: along with other forms.

How do I see/find my Bill?

To access your bill, you will need to log into your MyGRCC account > click on the My Bill tile > enter the correct term > submit.

I have questions about a specific scholarship.

How do I apply for scholarships?

My financial aid was changed but I can’t see what happened?

  • Did you drop or add a class? This can impact your financial aid.
  • Are you on financial aid suspension? This can impact your financial aid.

Has GRCC received my FAFSA?

You will receive an email from the Department of Education once they have processed your FAFSA. You will then receive an email from GRCC (to your GRCC student account) once we have received and processed your FAFSA. Please make sure to check this account for any updates.

I am not receiving any communications from GRCC.

Please make sure that you have access and are regularly checking your GRCC student email account. This is the only way that GRCC will communicate with you. If you need help accessing your account, please contact our IT Department

Can I schedule an appointment with a financial aid specialist?

Yes. We offer in person and phone appointments at this time. You can schedule either one of those at this link: