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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Step 1. Choose your volunteer activity

The act of volunteering is when an individual makes a choice to give/gift (no compensation) their time and skills towards a community issue in the interest of the common good (making the world a better place).  Volunteering is typically completed at a community organization/nonprofit.

In the context of the Honors Program, we strongly encourage students to use this as an opportunity to learn something new, step out of your comfort zone and to gain community engagement and empathy skills.

It’s really important to plan ahead.  The Heart of West Michigan United Way publishes a database full of opportunities.  

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Step 2. Complete your volunteer activity

HNR 101 students are required to participate in Community Engagement Week (CEW).  

Non-HNR 101 students may complete their hours at any point during the semester.

Here is a short video to walk you through completing the "community engagement" requirement for the Honors Program.  The video covers the following:

  • Purpose of the community engagement
  • HNR 101 and Non-HNR 101 student participation
  • Selecting community engagement opportunities
  • Successfully completing your hours
  • Going above and beyond

Here is the powerpoint presentation used in the instructional video.  The powerpoint has several resources and links to help you be successful in completing your hours.

It’s important to capture your service by taking a few photo’s of yourself.  You will need at least (1) photo of yourself completing your service as part of submitting your reflection form (see Step 3). 

Step 3. Complete the Reflection Form

In order for successfully complete the Community Engagement Week requirements, students must complete 4-hours of volunteering and submit the reflection form..

Reflection Form


Please email us at or text us at (616) 236-5343.