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Honors Program Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Honors student at Grand Rapids Community College.  Please follow the steps below to start your Honors program journey. At this moment, we are accepting students in the program for Fall 2024. Please also note that we suggest students have at least 2 semesters left at GRCC to adequately complete the program.

Step 1. Set up an Honors Program Overview Appointment

To join the Honors Program, all students are required to attend a 30-minute Information Session with an Honors Program representative.  During this session you will be provided with a general overview of the curriculum, semesterly participation and program completion requirements, as well as program benefits.  

For a successful session: 

  • Prepare to have this appointment facilitated in front of a computer with your video and audio on and presenting yourself in a professional manner. 
  • It is strongly encouraged to have ear buds and to be in an environment where there are very little distractions and/or disruptions.
  • Don't forget to add your scheduled appointment to your calendar.

Schedule your appointment today.

Step 2. Confirm your HNR 101 schedule

All students begin the Honors Program by taking HNR 101 - Introduction to Honors.  This course is offered both in the Fall and Winter semesters.  After the completion of your program Information Session, you will have the opportunity to choose which section of HNR 101 you would like to be enrolled in.  

Step 3. Check your email

We will be sending you a weekly email filled with helpful information to ensure your success in the program.


Please email us at