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Honors Projects

An Honors Project is an opportunity for students to develop leadership, service, research and creative scholarship skills as part of a course.  Faculty prepare the learning activities and guide students throughout the semester.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a transcript designation. 

Honors Project Confirmation Form

Honors Project - Process

Students are to identify a course they would like to complete an Honors Project in and confirm the project with their professor within the first two weeks of class.  Using the Honors Project Confirmation Form, both the professor and Honors students will describe the learning activities and expectations.  Project learning activities allows the student to go deeper into the course material while aligning to at least two Honors Objectives.  This form is for programmatic record keeping as well as a tool for both faculty and students to form a learning agreement.

*Note - to access this form student and faculty will need to install the latest Adobe Reader software.  Here is a short video that walks you through the installation process.

Once completed it is to be submitted to the Director of Department of Experiential Learning, Michael Schavey.

Upon successful completion of the Honors Project learning activities, the student will receive an “Honors Credit” designation on their official transcript helping them complete Honors Program completion requirements.

Here is a helpful video of the how to facilitate an Honors Project.

Examples of Honors Projects Descriptions

This document will provide you examples of past Honors Projects.

Example of GRCC Honors Projects

List of faculty who've offered Honors Projects

2018-2020 List of faculty