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Honors Projects

An Honors Project is an opportunity for students to develop leadership, service, research and creative scholarship skills as part of a course. 

Honors Project Proposal Form

Honors Project Process

At the beginning of the semester, students will use the "Honors Project Proposal Form" to propose an assignment tailored on a topic in the class.  Faculty simply provide guidance on the assignment/project and support the student throughout the semester.  The honors program will follow up with faculty at the end of the semester to confirm successful completion.  

Upon successful completion of the Honors Project learning activities, the student will receive an “Honors Credit” designation on their official transcript helping them complete Honors Program completion requirements.

Grading: Rubric

  Does not meet standard
Meets standard
Exceeds standard
Critical Thinking & Analytics Issue/problem/topic is unclear and underdeveloped. Analysis of information is limited or not presented at all. Issue/problem/topic is described clearly and demonstrates moderate analysis of information. Issue/problem/topic is clearly and comprehensibly described or demonstrated.  
Effective use of information Student information is fragmented, disorganized, or inaccurate. Intended purpose is not met. Does not demonstrate effective literacy and communication skills. Student communicates and organizes information but may be lacking a synthesis. Intended purpose is achieved. Demonstrates mastery of literacy and communication skills. Student communications, organizes and synthesizes information from relevant, applicable sources to demonstrate advanced information literacy and communication skills.  
Creativity Student reformulates a collection of available ideas, but the assignment lacks creativity and innovation. Little evidence that the student sought and collected different viewpoints and perspectives. Student creates a novel idea, question, format or product. Some evidence suggest the student sought different viewpoints, perspectives, and opinions. Student work extends a novel or unique idea, questions, or format to create new knowledge. Different perspectives and viewpoints were incorporated.  
Accountability Student did not meet several deadlines and did not complete work on schedule. Student attended but missed one project deadline. Student attended all scheduled meetings. All deadlines were met.  

Examples of Honors Projects Descriptions

This document will provide you examples of past Honors Projects.

Example of GRCC Honors Projects