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Health Admission Procedures

All new students must meet the requirements for admission to the College before being considered for any of the health programs. Students can apply online here.

Beginning with the winter 2018 semester, new students applying to the College select from one of ten Academic Pathways.  For the health programs, students should select the Health and Exercise Sciences Pathway, you will receive an e-mail from the Health Admissions Coordinator to complete the Health Admissions Application for the health program you want to pursue. Once this application is processed, the Health Admissions office will notify you of the next steps.

It is important for interested student applicants to know that completed applications are ranked by order of admission into the program. Student applicants are first ranked according to the date that they complete all the specific program entrance requirements (see Admission Requirements by Program). Therefore, applicants should complete these items first and as soon as possible. When there is more than one student who completes the admission procedures on any given date, then those students are ranked according to the date of their original application to the particular health program. In the rare instance where students have identical ready and application dates, they are ranked alphabetically.

After program requirements have been met, the Health Admissions Coordinator will assign a health ready date. A letter announcing acceptance to the chosen health program is sent, informing students of their status and advising them that the next correspondence they receive will be from the health program to which they have applied.  Students then are invited to meet with the program staff to develop an (EDP) educational development plan. In programs with waiting lists, there may be some time between the original acceptance letter and the EDP meeting.

To ensure successful progress towards entering a health program, it is the student’s responsibility to confirm that records, transcripts, and any other documents are received by the Health Admissions Office. Do this by calling (616) 234-4348.


  • In addition to tuition, fees and books there are also costs for uniforms, etc. Estimates of additional costs may be obtained from the Health Program Office.
  • Individuals who have a history of chemical, latex or other sensitivities and/or allergies which occur in the work or clinical environment should be aware such conditions will limit the applicant's ability to complete the clinical requirements of the GRCC health programs. Specific requirements must be met for graduation from each respective GRCC health program.
  • Individuals who elect not to have the hepatitis B vaccination series should be aware such conditions may limit the applicant's ability to complete the clinical requirements of the GRCC health programs. Specific requirements must be met for graduation from each respective GRCC health program.
  • Students with felony convictions or certain misdemeanors will be prevented from participating in clinical experiences and taking state or national licensure and registry examinations.
  • Effective, 2006, federal and state laws require students assigned to long-term care facilities, psychiatric agencies, nursing homes, county medical care facilities and homes for the aged to have criminal background checks. GRCC will secure student’s consent to perform these criminal checks and release the findings to the facility.

Transferability of Courses into a GRCC Health Program

A. Liberal arts and behavioral science courses that are required by specific health programs are accepted without time limitation on date of completion.

B. Life and physical science courses, in order to be acceptable as transfer courses into health programs, must have been completed within eight years of graduation/completion of the specific health programs at GRCC.

C. Transfer credit from college credit-granting institutions for equivalent health courses may be granted if completed within three (3) years of application and a grade of "C" or higher were earned. The determination of the transferability of course credit rests with the Program Director and Assistant Dean of Workforce Development. In case of conflict, the Dean of the School of Workforce Development shall render a judgment.

See program descriptions for specific program entrance requirements. Call the Health Admissions Coordinator at (616) 234-4348 for additional information.