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Health Admission Procedures

All new students must meet the requirements for admission to the College before being considered for any of the health programs. 

Steps to become a GRCC Health student

Step 1 - Apply to GRCC

All new students must meet the requirements for admission to the College before being considered for any of the health programs. 

New students applying to the College should select the Health and Exercise Sciences Pathway.

Apply as a degree seeking student

Step 2 - Complete GRCC admission requirements

  1. Email, fax, or mail a copy of your:
    • high school transcript or GED certificate.
    • ACT or SAT Scores. ACT scores must be from 2018 or later and SAT scores must be from 2016 or later. If your scores are older, you would need to take the placement test.
    • Or, if you have at least 12 college credits earned with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, you can be admitted with your college transcript instead of the high school requirements listed above. If you wish to transfer credits towards a GRCC degree, request that a copy of your official college transcript be sent to GRCC via email, fax, or mail:
      • Email:, Fax: (616) 234-3200 Mail: GRCC Admission, 143 Bostwick NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  2. See which placement testing you will need to take to complete the enrollment process.
  3. Attend New Student Orientation (if required).

Step 3 - Request GRCC Student ID number and Online Account access

  • Your student ID number will be listed on your acceptance letter
  • Request access to the Online Center.

Call the Enrollment Center for help or questions at (616) 234-3300

Step 4 - Fill out Health Admissions Application

Complete the Health Admissions Application for the health program you want to pursue. 

Health Admissions Application


It is important for interested student applicants to know that completed applications are ranked by order of admission into the program:

  • Date that they complete all the specific program entrance requirements.
    • Therefore, applicants should complete these items first and as soon as possible. 
  • If more than one student completes the admission procedures on any given date, then those students are ranked according to: 
    • The date of their original application to the particular health program. 
    • If students have identical ready and application dates, they are ranked alphabetically.

Step 5 - Notification from the Health Admission Office

Once this application is processed, you will receive an email with your specific program waiting list requirements (it may take up to 2 weeks to receive this email) 


Step 6 - Complete your program waiting list requirements

View Program Specific Requirements:


  • A list of these items will also appear on your Online Student Center under the “Tasks” tile to track your progress  
  • Your name will be added to the program waiting list upon completion of the requirements 

Step 7 - Receive ready date

  1. After program requirements have been met, the Health Admissions Coordinator will assign a health ready date. 
  2. You will receive an acceptance letter for your chosen health program informing you of your status.
  3. The next correspondence will be from the health program to which you have applied.  

Step 8 - Set up Educational Development Plan

You will be invited to meet with the program staff to develop an (EDP) educational development plan. In programs with waiting lists, there may be some time between the original acceptance letter and the EDP meeting.

Step 9 - Verify acceptance and waitlist status

You will receive an email verifying your waitlist status.  

To ensure successful progress towards entering a health program, it is your responsibility to confirm that records, transcripts, and any other documents are received by the Health Admissions Office. Do this by calling (616) 234-4348.

Health Admissions Checklist

Use the checklist to track your progress of becoming a health student.

Health Admissions Checklist


Need assistance?

Health Programs Admissions Appointments

Would you like assistance with GRCC's health programs admissions processes or requirements?

Please set up an in-person appointment by contacting the Health Admissions Department directly by phone at (616) 234-4348or email (