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Parking ramp alternatives that save time and money:

  • There is a FREE Shuttle Bus Service between the Main Campus and Devos Campus. Park at Main campus and get on the shuttle on Fountain St., between Prospect Ave. and College Ave. There is a bus shelter for reference.  Regular parking rates are applied.
  • College Lot Parking could cost half what you would pay to park in a campus ramp all year.
  • Ride the Rapid, or the Silverline express bus which runs from 60th St. to GRCC's campus in just 30 min. — with free Wi-Fi.

Main Campus Parking Ramps:

As a downtown urban campus, the GRCC Main Campus has limited parking on site. During peak times (Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.) on-campus parking is at capacity at the following parking structures:

  • Parking Ramp A (formerly Bostwick Street Ramp), entrance is at the intersection of Bostwick Street and Fountain Street.
  • Parking Ramp B (formerly Lyon Street Ramp), entrance on Bostwick Street NE.

There are two ways to pay in GRCC parking ramps:

1. RaiderCard Readers

  • All lanes have RaiderCard readers, some lanes only have RaiderCard Readers.
  • You must have money on your RaiderCard to pay the $3.50 parking fee to exit the ramp.
    • Beginning fall 2020, you can enter and exit GRCC student parking lots multiple times each day while only being charged once for parking. You must swipe your RaiderCard when entering and exiting the ramp for this feature to work. You will be charged $3.50 when you exit the first time and will be able to enter and exit the rest of the day for free. You must use your RaiderCard for all entries and exits for this feature to work.
  • If you have no money on your RaiderCard you must use a pay in lane machine.

2. Pay in lane machines

  • Pay in lane machines accept cash, credit and debit cards for payment.
  • With a ticket, pay in lane machines charge $2.00 per half hour up to a $12 daily maximum.
  • Evening after 5 p.m. and weekend maximum is $6.00.
  • There is a help button on each pay in lane machine if you are having trouble exiting the lot.
  • No attendants will be on duty at the lanes, and no fail to pay tickets will be issued.

Please note that if you lose your ticket, or have no ticket, and have no money on your RaiderCard you will be charged $12 at the pay in lane machine.

Parking Hours

GRCC parking ramps are normally open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for vehicular use, however during some holidays and college shut down periods the ramps may be closed.

Overhead Clearance

The overhead clearance for Parking Ramp A (formerly Bostwick Street Ramp) is 6’ 4”, and Parking Ramp B (formerly Lyon Street Ramp) is 7’.

Metered Parking

There is limited metered parking on the city streets surrounding the main campus. Be forewarned! Metered street parking is heavily patrolled. Tickets often result from expired meters and illegal parking. You can now use your cell phone to pay for parking at a city meter - more information on the City of Grand Rapids website.

Unauthorized use of parking ramps

Any unauthorized use of our parking ramps, such a skateboarding, trespassing, etc. may result in criminal charges.