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Student Conduct


The mission of Student Conduct at GRCC is to promote and maintain a civil learning environment by holding students accountable to the expectations of the College. Through the management of the Code of Conduct, we educate students in support of their success in order to foster a respectful community.

Student expectations

GRCC expects students to be responsible, respectful, civil adults and the Code of Conduct exists to help maintain the learning environment on campus.

All enrolled students are held responsible for the Code of Conduct. We suggest all students make themselves familiar with these expectations.

Report a violation

You can report a possible Student Code of Conduct violation.

Student Code of Conduct violation form

Important notice

Concerns are reviewed during normal business hours, when GRCC is open. If your concern involves an immediate safety risk to self or others, please stop and call GRCC police at (616) 234-4911 or 911 immediately.