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When it comes to your education, one person can make a difference. These are the stories from GRCC Alumni who have made a donation honoring a GRCC Life Changer. What an amazing way to honor a professor, a tutor, support staff or a coach that made an impact on your life.

GRCC's Life Changers

Dr. Velvie Green

Dr. Green was a true GRCC advocate for all students while in the classroom and in her administrative roles. In the classroom she held us to high expectations while still being fair and kind. She did the same for employees. I learned many things from Dr. Green in the classroom.....some of which I wouldn't have learned from just reading the textbook for the class.

Elaine Clarke, English instructor '65-'66

Miss Clarke was an exceptional teacher and reignited my belief in my writing abilities. This is something I carried through further education at MSU and SMU and into a successful banking career.

Alice Donahue

There are two vivid life-changing moments in which Mrs. Donahue changed the way I relate with people. As it pertains to inclusion, a group of mixed gendered people is poorly addressed as "guys". And addressing conflict or opposing views with an individual is most productive and rewarding when approached one-on-one. It's been nearly 30-years since these classroom lessons. Unforgettable! I think of Mrs. Donahue each and every time I practice.