Frequently Asked Questions

What is Academic Suspension?

Academic Suspension from Grand Rapids Community College results when a student who is on Academic Probation fails to achieve the necessary semester grade point average (GPA). Students who are under Academic Suspension may not enroll in classes for two semesters.

Why am I on Academic Suspension?

A student on probation is placed on Academic Suspension when they have not met or maintained a minimum semester GPA. See the Academic Standing Policy for details.

Is this different from Academic Probation?

Yes. Students are placed on Academic Probation when they have attempted at least 12 credit hours at GRCC and have failed to meet the minimum cumulative GPA. A student on Academic Probation who does not achieve a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 in any future semesters/sessions will then be placed on Academic Suspension.

How long will I be on Academic Suspension?

A student will be on Academic Suspension for at least two semesters and must submit an Academic Suspension Return Form to return.

Does my Academic Suspension apply to other colleges/universities?

No. This Academic Suspension applies only to your status at GRCC.

What if I have financial aid?

Students who are academically dismissed from the college cannot receive financial aid at GRCC. A student who is granted return may contact the GRCC Financial Aid Office at (616) 234-4030 to receive instructions regarding regaining financial aid eligibility.

What if I think my suspension is because of circumstances beyond my control?

You may wish to fill out an Academic Suspension Appeal Form.  Be sure to include third party documentation.

What is third party documentation?

Third party documentation could be a letter from a medical professional or employer, an obituary, or any other form of professional explanation. Letters from family or friends are not considered third party documentation.

What happens once I submit an appeal form?

The form will go before the GRCC Academic Suspension Appeal Committee, and you will be notified of the outcome of your appeal via email within 15 business days.

What if my appeal is accepted?

You will be placed back on Academic Probation and required to meet with an academic counselor/advisor before enrolling in classes. You will not automatically be reenrolled in classes that were removed for the suspension.

What if my Academic Suspension appeal is denied?

You will remain on Academic Suspension for two semesters. All decisions of the Committee are final.

When may I start taking classes again?

You may resume taking classes after at least two semesters and submission of the Academic Suspension Return Form. There is a schedule at the top of the Readmission Form page showing when you may resume taking classes and when you should apply for return.

How do I apply for return to GRCC?

Use the Academic Suspension Return Form.

What happens when my return form is processed?

You will remain on Academic Probation until your GPA is satisfactory. You will be required to meet with an academic counselor/advisor and may also be required to enroll in a student success course and/or have limitations placed on your enrollment.

What can I do while I am on Academic Suspension?

You are encouraged to see a GRCC Counselor to discuss your goals, consider strategies and commitments, and make a plan for future academic and career success.

What if I am on Academic Probation and I receive all Incomplete (I) or Withdrawal (W) grades for the semester?

If you are on Academic Probation and receive all incomplete or withdrawal grades you will be placed on Academic Suspension.

What happens if I receive an Incomplete grade of I?

All I grades will be treated the same as W grades for the purpose of determining a student's Academic Standing.

How do I make an appointment with an academic counselor/advisor?

You can make an appointment with the Counseling and Career Center by calling (616) 234-3900.

Where can I get more information about the Academic Suspension Policy?

You may review our complete policy at About Academic Standing.