About Academic Standing

Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) requires all students to make satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory academic progress is reviewed at the end of each semester/session of enrollment after a student has attempted at least 12 (cumulative) credit hours at GRCC. This policy applies to all students with credit bearing classes at GRCC regardless of degree status (personal interest, guest, early college, middle college, degree, etc.), program of study, and financial aid status (recipients and non-recipients). Students in specific programs (both academic and support programs) at GRCC and students receiving financial aid and/or veteran’s benefits must also meet the specific academic requirements that determine continuation for these programs. Students who fail to meet the standards for Academic Progress outlined below will be placed on Academic Probation or Suspension. Please note that students returning from Academic Suspension will be required to meet with an academic advisor prior to being able to register for classes.

Once a GRCC student has attempted 12 credit hours, he/she must maintain a cumulative grade point average of not less than the following:

Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) Required
12 - 14 1.50
15 - 28 1.75
29 and above 2.00

Academic Probation

Students are placed on Academic Probation when they have attempted at least 12 credit hours at GRCC and have failed to meet the minimum cumulative GPA listed above. The student will be notified of probation status. Students on Academic Probation are required:

  • To attend a Success Workshop sponsored by the Counseling and Career Center where they will meet with an academic counselor/advisor prior to the fourth week of the semester/session following placement on Academic Probation. A registration hold will be placed on his/her account until he/she has met with a counselor/advisor.
  • In collaboration with the academic advisor, the student will develop a written Success Plan. The plan may include limitations on enrollment and other forms of academic assistance.
  • To obtain a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 for every semester/session.

Academic Probation is removed when the cumulative GPA requirement is met.

Academic Suspension

A student on Academic Probation who does not achieve a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 in any subsequent semester/session will be placed on Academic Suspension. He/she will be prohibited from enrolling in credit classes at GRCC for two subsequent semesters upon suspension from the college.

If the student is academically suspended due to circumstances beyond his/her reasonable control, he/she may appeal this suspension to the Academic Suspension Appeal Committee without waiting two semesters. The Committee’s decision is final.

To appeal your Academic Suspension, please use the following form:

Academic Suspension Appeal Form

Return from Academic Suspension

Students returning from Academic Suspension following two semesters of nonattendance at GRCC must meet with an academic advisor prior to being allowed to enroll in classes. Additionally, students returning from Academic Suspension will be placed on Academic Probation and will be expected to maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher for subsequent semesters/sessions.

Early Return from Academic Suspension

Students may request an early return from Academic Suspension after one semester of nonattendance with the following enrollment conditions:

  • Mandatory CLS 102 Practicing Strategies for Academic Success.
  • Enrollment limit of 8 total credits for the return semester.
  • Meet with an academic advisor.

To apply for return or early return from academic suspension, please use the following form:

Academic Suspension Return Form

Academic Suspension Frequently Asked Questions