Computer Information Systems

Student working on the back of a computer tower.

We offer a variety of degrees and pre-majors that can lead to challenging and rewarding work with computer systems in business, industry, government, school and home settings. Are you looking to start a new career?  Do you wish to brush up on your skills?  If so, we are excited to show you what we have to offer.

New career opportunities are continually arising because of the rapid development of computer technology, the use of computers, mobile apps, smart phones – even as you're reading these words, technology is expanding exponentially.

You may want to build software applications yourself.  Or perhaps you're interested in making sure computer systems are secure.  Do you want to design applications for the web?  Interested in networking computer systems together?  We offer all this and much more in our department.  Go ahead and explore what we have to offer!

Where Do I Begin?

On the left side of the page you will see a menu of all of the programs (degrees and pre-majors) that we offer. Click on any of the programs to see an expanded list of what's in those programs.  You will see a description of the program, what kinds of jobs you can get, courses you would need take, and what your next step would be.

Our Mission Statement

In conjunction with the instructional mission statement of Grand Rapids Community College, the CIS Department will create an environment that fosters active, responsible learning by providing a comprehensive understanding of the material in our curriculum.  We will continuously work with students to instill a sense of curiosity, cultivate the capacity to learn, prepare students for specific jobs, and broaden their experience and understanding.

Current CIS students

Microsoft Imagine Academy allows computer information systems students to obtain a legal copy and license for various Microsoft software applications. This program is available to students that are currently enrolled in Computer Information Systems (CIS) classes. See the link on the right to access the Microsoft Imagine Academy login site.