Exercise Science Courses (EXS)

EXS 180 - Football Theory

Prerequisites: 1) Minimal skills in reading and writing, 2) Ability to speak and be understood in English, 3) Ability to work with a team to accomplish projects. This class is designed to give students an in depth look into the sport of football. Students will not only learn the various concepts involved in implementing the various offenses, defenses, and special teams, but will also come to understand the different philosophies regarding coaching staff, selection, recruiting, and managing the overall program.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 181 - Baseball Theory

Prerequisites: Minimal skills in reading and writing, ability to speak and be understood in English, ability to work with a team to accomplish projects. The purpose of this class is to introduce current concepts and skills needed to play and coach the game of baseball. The class through lab & lecture, will address the fundamentals of baseball concepts. Individuals will develop their own philosophies on hitting, pitching, defense, and coaching strategies used in today\'s game.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 182 - Basketball Theory

This course introduces students to the theory and principles of coaching basketball. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to organize, coach and plan daily practice sessions, as well as the history and philosophies of the game.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 184 - Introduction to Exercise Science

Introduction to Exercise Science introduces students to the field of exercise science, physical education, and sport. Students will explore the profession by learning about the past, present, and future developments in the field.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 185 - Sports Officiating

The rules and practical application of officiating will be covered for the following sports: volleyball, football, basketball, baseball and softball. This class will prepare students to pursue a license from the State Athletic Association upon completion.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 186 - Community Recreation

This course focuses on leisure, recreation, play and their impact on individuals and society. The role of leisure time in our social culture as well current issues and trends will be discussed. Event planning, volunteerism, and recreational leadership are also a focus of this class.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 195 - Water Safety Instruction

Prerequisite: WE 144 or WE 145 or Instructor\'s Permission Instructional preparation for teaching of community water safety and life saving skills associated with aquatic activities. Upon completion of this course, the student will be certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor to teach swim lessons and a variety of other aquatic courses. Recommended Skills: Interested students should have a working knowledge of competitive swim strokes and must be able to swim.
Course Fee: $30 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 198 - Introduction to Athletic Training

The purpose of this class is to introduce the basic concepts of sports medicine, specifically Athletic Training. It will address the fundamentals of the human musculoskeletal system, sports related injuries, injury treatment, and other sports medicine related topics. This class is designed for beginning athletic training students and other students interested in the subject.
Course Fee: $20 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 201 - Introduction to Sport Management

This course provides an overview of the foundational aspects of sport management in the sports and recreation industry. Students learn about the structure and function of sports organizations (legal, ethical, sociocultural, historical, political, and psychological) and gain an understanding of the professional preparation and career opportunities.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 203 - The Obesity Epidemic

This course will explore the obesity and overweight issues facing our nation. Topics will include causes, consequences, choices, our children, and challenges. Physical fitness and health behaviors will be introduced, as well as an opportunity to develop a personal fitness program to begin building a healthy lifestyle.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 225 - Public Health Concepts

This course is an introduction to the strategies and tactics, both past and present, related to the control and eradication of infectious and chronic diseases of humans. Determinants of health will be studied, including environmental, social, behavioral, and biological. Tools and methods of disease control and health promotion will be presented, including interventions such as vaccinations, screenings, counseling and education. Environmental, occupational, legal, and policy approaches will also be studied. Potential careers in the public health sector will be investigated.
Course Fee: None (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EXS 230 - Exercise Leadership

This course covers the theory and practice of safe and effective exercise instruction for individual and group resistance training programs and is an excellent preparation for personal training certification exams. It focuses on client consultation and assessment, including pre-participation health screening assessments, submaximal aerobic exercise tests, and muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and body composition tests. Additionally this course addresses how to design, administer, and implement programs that enhance related components of physical fitness. Behavior change theory, communication strategies, facility and equipment management, legal issues, and risk management are also covered.
Course Fee: None (Tuition Rates & Fees)