How Do I Use Financial Aid to Buy Books or Transfer Money to my Raider Card?

One week before classes begin, up to $600* (after tuition costs are assessed) of your financial aid is made available at the College bookstore.

  • You can use these funds to charge books and required supplies at the College bookstore.
  • You can put up to $200 (one time transfer) of the $600* on your Raider Card to use for parking, printing, and food on campus.
  • Raider Card transfers are done on the first floor of the Student Center.
  • Bookstore dates: One week before classes begin through the first two week of classes.
  • If you are taking online courses and are living outside of the West Michigan area, and it is not possible to come to campus to purchase your books, please contact the Financial Aid Office regarding alternative arrangements.

You may also add your own funds to your Raider Card at any time using several Raider Card machines on campus or your Blackboard.

*During the fall and winter semesters.