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How Do I Complete a FAFSA?

GRCC has recorded step by step instructions to assist you in filling out a FAFSA online.  Each section mirrors the online FAFSA form itself.  The video takes the applicant into the form and demonstrates where to enter information.  This will help to eliminate errors in filing the FAFSA.

Step 1 - Student demographical information - Name, date of birth, social security number, citizenship, information on high school completion and state residency questions.

Step 2 - Student income information and tax filing status.

Step 3 - Questions to determine if the student will use parent information on the form.  Are you considered a Dependent or Independent student for financial aid purposes?

Step 4 - Parent demographical information - if student is considered a Dependent student for financial aid purposes.

Step 5 - Household information.

Step 6 - List of colleges where you want the FAFSA released - GRCC code is 002267.

Step 7 - Signature release section and submission of the FAFSA.