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Integrated Reading and Writing

Integrated Reading and Writing courses (IRW 97 and IRW 98) are designed for students with reading and writing needs as evidenced by their high school records or test results. The goal of IRW 97 is to help students establish efficient reading and writing habits, to acquire strategies to improve vocabulary and note taking, and to develop critical thinking strategies. IRW 98 will help students strengthen critical thinking skills, apply reading comprehension strategies, and improve reading and writing skills as they apply them to college-level texts.

Students placed in IRW 97 are required to pass both IRW 97 and IRW 98 prior to taking EN 101 unless exempted, based on course performance and/or post-test results.

IRW 97 students must receive a grade of C or better to be passed into IRW 98. IRW 98 students must receive a grade of C or better to before advancing to EN 101. 

Students who receive a C- or lower grade for either course must retake that course.