Advising Information

Culinary students meeting with the chef

Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Advising Plan

Department:   Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Office Location:  117 ATC

Office Phone:  (616) 234-3690

Contact:  Werner Absenger, Program Director; Marcia Arp, Academic Secretary

Email address: or

Office Hours:  7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Program Director: Werner Absenger

Majors Advised:

Culinary Arts (AAAS)

Pre-Hospitality Management (Specialized Management), A.A. (Ferris State University) 

Culinary Arts (certificate)

Baking and Pastry Arts (certificate)

Personal Chef (certificate)

Craft Brewing (certificate)

Preferred Method of Contact:   E-Mail

*Students in Laboratory Class:

Students in a culinary laboratory class should meet with their laboratory professor for advising.

*Students Not Enrolled in a Laboratory Class:

Please contact one of the professors below to set-up an appointment for advising.

Culinary Arts (A.A.A.S or Certificate)

Sasha Ahmed ( (616) 234-3695

Kevin Dunn ( (616) 234-3704

Dan Gendler ( (616) 234-3708

Charles Olawsky ( (616) 234-3703

Bob Schultz ( (616) 234-3706

Holly VanRyn ( (616) 234-3699

Michael Whitman ( (616) 234-3707

Pre-Hospitality Management (Specialized Management), A.A. (Ferris State University)

Holly VanRyn ( (616) 234-3699

Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate

Wilfredo Barajas ( (616) 234-3712

Audrey Heckwolf ( (616) 234-3705

Gilles Renusson ( (616) 234-3693

Personal Chef Certificate

Audrey Heckwolf ( (616) 234-3705

Craft Brewing, Packaging and Service Operations Certificate

Jacob Brenner ( (616) 234-2217

Transfer Credit Questions: 

Werner Absenger (make appointment through Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Office or by calling (616) 234-3690)

Students who are in the process of completing the Restaurant Management Associate Degree should make an appointment with Werner Absenger, Program Director by September 1, 2018 to develop a plan to complete these classes.