Secchia Institute - Culinary Arts (A.A.A.S)

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Culinary Arts

GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education program grants students an Associate Degree of Applied Arts and Sciences and a ticket to an exciting career and great gateway to continuing degree opportunities. Our students receive intensive practical training in all aspects of food preparation and presentation, and are prepared to step into any culinary venue, including the increasingly popular role of personal or private chef. We accomplish this through lab courses in baking and pastry, catering and banquet organization, classical and American regional cookery, dining room service and restaurant operations. Our curriculum is designed to allow students to enter the workforce in the last year of their education or build upon it by adding courses that will apply to a bachelor’s degree. Also, many elective courses are offered to further broaden a student’s knowledge and skills in Culinary Arts, such as Ice Carving Competition, Hot and Cold Food Culinary Competition, Cuisines and Cultures Study Away and Cake Decorating courses to name a few.

Within their Culinary Arts degree, each student has the opportunity to select one of four different tracks of Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Baking and Pastry Arts, or Personal Chef. Each track contains a core of culinary production and lecture courses to ensure each student meets the ACF competencies for a Certified Culinarian upon graduation. No matter which track is chosen each student will experience an education that has an added focus on hands-on training, practical training, and real life experiences. Within the Tracks the students will specialize in advanced course work particular to their selected emphasis area.

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