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The president's cabinet is composed of the senior college administrators who work closely with the president, trustees and academic leadership.

Together, they develop and implement university-wide initiatives and oversee college operations.

The cabinet meets with the president on a monthly basis and attends the Board of Trustees meetings.

Cabinet members

Charles Lepper, President

Christine Coon, Executive Director of Human Resource

Kristi Haik, Dean of the School of STEM

Debra Hintz, CIO of Information Technology

Lisa Freiburger, VP of Financial Services

Vicki Janowiak, Executive Director of Operational Planning

Sheila Jones, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Brandon Kaines, Director of IT Security

Amanda Kruzona, Director of Institutional Research and College Data Officer

Nathaniel Lloyd, Executive Director of Financial Services

Misty McClure-Anderson, Chief of Staff

Brett Meyer, General Counsel

Eric Mullen, Dean of Student Success

Vacant, Director of Communications

Julie Parks, Dean of Job Training 

Lisa Radak, Dean of the School of Health Sciences

David Selmon, Dean of Strategic Outreach

Erin Van Egmond, Executive Director of the GRCC Foundation 

Jason Vinson, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts

Cameron Buck, Executive Director, Lakeshore Campus

Cleamon Moorer, Dean of the School of Business and Industry