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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Department / Title Contact Information Bio
Dykstra, Donald Facilities


(616) 234-3716

Zamora-Hernandez, Alejandra TRIO Programs

TRIO Student Success Navigator

(616) 234-3545

Abbas, Fawzi Physical Sciences


Absenger, Werner Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Program Director

(616) 234-3690

Aernouts, Angela Early Childhood Learning Laboratory

Early Learning Coach

Aguayo-Marquez, Lorena Workforce Training,
Allied Health,
Leslie E. Tassell MTEC

Strengthening Community Colleges Program Manager

(616) 234-2542

Aguillon-Huerta, Antonio Information Technology

IT Desktop Support Team Coordinator

(616) 234-3651

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Ahmed, Sasha Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Associate Professor

(616) 234-3695

Ainsworth, Elizabeth English


Alcala, Refugio Criminal Justice


Alexander, Christopher Mechanical and Architectural Design


Alexander, Ann Business,
Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education

Professor and Canvas Peer Support

(616) 234-4179

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Allen, Christopher Human Resources

Employee Leave and Compliance Specialist

(616) 234-3738

Allen-Smith, Michelle English

Assistant Professor

Alles , Brent Business


Allington, Becky Academic Advising & Transfer Center

Support Professional

(616) 234-4576

Alvarez, Elisa Workforce Training,
Leslie E. Tassell MTEC

Training Coord.

(616) 234-3620

Amante , Valerie English


Ambler, Christopher Facilities


Anderson, Daniel Business


Anderson, Darwyn Facilities



(616) 234-3760

Anderson, Tyler Student Life & Conduct

Service and Technology Coordinator

Andert, Carmen Mathematics

Assistant Professor

(616) 234-2479

Anglim, Paul Criminal Justice


Antonakis, Nick Visual Arts

Department Head and Professor of Drawing and Painting

(616) 234-4185

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Araiza, Jaqueline

Coordinador de Admisiones e Inscripciones y Líder del Campus de Lakeshore

(616) 202-3458

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Araiza, Jaqueline Lakeshore Campus

Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator and Lakeshore Campus Lead

(616) 202-3458

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Arp, Marcia Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

Support Professional

(616) 234-3690

Atanasoff, Abbey Education

Support Professional

(616) 234-3380

Atchison, Brett Automotive

Department Head

(616) 234-3827

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Atterberry, Robert Facilities

Head Custodian

Avalos, Janyxa Information Technology

Media Support Professional

(616) 234-3668

Ayers, Matthew Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid Technical Specialist

Ayres, Nancy


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Babcock, Kristine

Vice Chairperson

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Babulal, Pinky English


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Bai, Yan Social Sciences


(616) 234-4407

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Bailey, Rebecca Human Resources

Director of Payroll

(616) 234-4038

Bainbridge, Elly Workforce Training,
Leslie E. Tassell MTEC

Promotions & Marketing

(616) 234-3778

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Baldridge, Patrick Facilities

Associate Director Operations/Grounds

(616) 234-3523